How does it work

Oauth is an open protocol to allow secure authorization in a standard method. OauthServer allow you to securely access external services using the same credentials that you use in your secure network.


Simple steps to start up the application

Publish the project on IIS and edit the web.config file.

Replace with your Active Directory server Name.

ldapuser is a user with read access on AD. ldappassword is the password of ldapuser in AD

You can trust multiple remote server by simply adding 4 parameters in the configuration:

APPDATA_x_client_id: the unique client id
APPDATA_x_client_secret: a secret password
APPDATA_x_redirect_uri: the remote uri where to redirect authenticated users
APPDATA_x_auth_group: (optional) an AD group to which users must belong in order to be authenticated. You must specify the complete DN. example: cn=mygroup,ou=organization,dc=mydomain,dc=com

To test the server, use the initial page /test/test.aspx.

<add key="LDAPSERVER" value=""/>
<add key="LDAPUSER" value="mydomain\ldapuser"/>
<add key="LDAPPASSWORD" value="ldappassword"/>

<add key="APPDATA_1_client_id" value="111111111"/>
<add key="APPDATA_1_client_secret" value="1234efgh1234opqrstuvzabc"/>
<add key="APPDATA_1_redirect_uri" value="http://localhost:62545/test/test.aspx"/>
<add key="APPDATA_1_auth_group" value=""/>

<add key="APPDATA_2_client_id" value="....."/>
<add key="APPDATA_2_client_secret" value="....."/>
<add key="APPDATA_2_redirect_uri" value="...."/>
<add key="APPDATA_2_auth_group" value="...."/>



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